Where is shadertoy node in 2.2.6?


Just upgrade to 2.2.6 on my linux machine, and could not find shadertoy node.
Is it missing? or not supported anymore?



it’s still there , in the filter plugins category , you can also find it using the tab shortcut in the node editor.


hmm… something must went wrong. I can’t see it at all.
creating a Pyplug node with Shadertoy inside returns me error messages, though it worked well before upgrade.

While executing script: BlenderLensDistortion.createInstance(app1, app1.BlenderLensDistortion1) Python error: Traceback (most recent call last): File "<string>", line 1, in <module> File "/home/han/.Natron/BlenderLensDistortion.py", line 232, in createInstance lastNode.setScriptName("Shadertoy1") AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'setScriptName'

Will try to reinstall 2.2.6 again.


looking at my terminal output after reinstall 2.2.6, I found

Fallback to 2.2.5, I can see and create Shadertoy node now.
Anyone has the same issue??


Weird, I’m on linux too with 2.2.6 official,
have you looked for libtinfo.so.5 ?
doing a find * | grep libtinfo tels me it’s in the /lib/ directory


Hey sozap,

returns me nothing.

Then, I realized that Archlinux uses libncurses instead of libtinfo. I then install libtinfo from Arch AUR. It’s basically a softlink, Arch AUR create softlink named libtinfo.so.6, I also make a link named libtinfo.so.5. Now I see no error message from my terminal output. However, I can’t create Shadertoy node, and it’s not showing in filter plugins category. Is this lib necessary for Shadertoy only in Natron2.2.6? Caz I can create Shadertoy without libtinfo in Natron 2.2.5.

I am on Arch 4.10.8-1 with Nvidia driver 378.13-5, anyone on Archlinux has the same issue?


Too bad, I’m on debian I can’t help you there, maybe Fred or Alex can give you some informations.
You can also post a bugreport in github…

Good luck !


we will fix that, thanks for reporting this (although a github issue is much better, since we don’t read the forum every day)


please try again the 2.2.6 release, this should be fixed


Just download and install Natron 2.2.6 again on my Archlinux
Shadertoy is back!!!

Thanks so much.