Where are the tutorials?


Can you tell me a place where it covers every feature in Natron without nothing being left out?


Hum, I think it’s available in the future, but for now there is no such a thing.
You can look for basic Nuke tutorial and see how it translate to Natron as they are very similar.

there is also this youtube playlist that as some tutorials :

But nothing that covers all sadly.


How do they not have an instruction manual or something?


It’s easy to understand, they are only two people working on Natron, and they are already struggling with improving the source code. Writing good documentation takes time, and may be done by other people.

In the other hand , each node is well documented if you look into the info button (the one with a ?).
Also there is some user manual, but it’s more about very specific things in Natron, like the python API for now.

If you’re already used to a compositing application, then understanding how Natron works is quite straightforward.
But for people who want to get into compositing it get a bit harder because you have to translate from Nuke documentation or tutorials to Natron.


Oh I didn’t know it was only two people… And thats exactly what I was looking for, thanks! And yea I just started out with this and it is pretty difficult


Don’t hesitate to ask for help on this forum , if you’ve got specific question I’m sure people will be glad to help