What about having a Pyplug repository?


*Edit : *
*The repository is here : *
Let’s make it shine, and don’t hesitate to add your contributions !

Hello ,

What would be the best way to make a pyplug repository for the community ?

If we can make a place were everybody can put their Pyplug with a basic description and a way to easily find them, I think that can help Natron make a step forward.

This can be even better if this repo is made by the community as I guess devs are already very busy.

I know there is a facebook group, I don’t have a FB account so I don’t know how it’s going there, but I guess it may be not the best way to have a repository.

We can make a temporary repository first like a github, google group or a wiki , and when dev’s will have time they can manage something better integrated inside Natron website .

I think many people are not aware of what’s already doable with Natron and pyplug, because information is spread across too many places.
Also there are a few SeExpr / Shadertoy scripts laying around that deserve to be ported to pyplug ( I think mainly about Defocus/Bokeh Blur and normal map relighting by Allessandro Dalla Fontana)

I’ve made some useful pyplug too and I’m sure a lots of user got some nice ones to share but personally I lack a good place to put them.

There is many positive effects of having such repository, as it can extend Natron capabilty , people can improve already existing pyplug or learn from them. It can also be inspiring for newcomers. And finally maybe it can be a good place for dev to look around and integrate some of them inside Natron release.

I’d like to get involved in this but I’ve no idea from where to start , or what can be the best way to make it append …
So what do you guys think ?


totally agree with the idea :smile: +1
a natronpedia would be great !


Good idea!

I created a repo at: https://github.com/NatronVFX/natron-plugins

We could have an installer and do regular independent releases.


Nice !
Thanks Olear !

I’m going to try to put some stuff there right now and I’ll see how it goes !

Do we need to setup some conventions , like one folder per pyplug with a readme.md to make some description ?
will that work ?

Also I don’t know if it’s possible to include screenshots into the readme.md ? But IIRC you made it in the openFX arena repo, I’ll have a look at it…


The structure should be:

  • Category
    • Plugin
      • README.md
      • Files needed
      • Resources folder for images etc

You link to images etc using markdown in the README.


Nice ! maybe with a standard “icon” folder so when installed all pyplug share the same icon folder ? or we put icons next to the .py file ?


The category icon etc should be handled by the installer. The plugin icon should be in the same folder as the pyplug with the same name (replace .py with .png).


Perfect ! let’s make that repo bleed !


I also added a openfx repo, so the community can have a common place to develop plugins.


Great ! I’ve put one Chromatic aberration pyplug into Filter, should I create a special Folder for it , or it’s Ok like that ? I’m a kind of github virgin …


I fixed the folder structure :wink:


Awesome ! that perfect like this !
I’ll add some more stuff …


Ah this is great!

Now I only need to figure out a way to get them into natron somehow



When we get enough plugins I will make an installer.



also @sozap aren’t the tabs in the chromatic plugin the wrong order?


Hum, yes indeed !
I don’t know if it’s fixable or if it’s due to the PyPlug , if someone as an idea ?


I’ve just added a simple Frame stamp inside the Time folder, that may be helpful for people not comfortable with expressions.


I’ve added a simple Zcombine node and a Relighting Pyplug using Shadertoy.
Thanks to Alessandro Dalla Fontana for the initial SeExpr Code.

Now with the GPU it’s quite fast !


I’ve added a Defocus blur and a SSAO node, more infos and credits in the repository.


Great job! I hope more people will contribute (in the future). If someone has any pyplugs feel free to add them to the repository, or publish them here and we will add them to the repository for you.

I will release an installer for the plugins after the release of Natron 2.1.3.