Website redesign for


Hi friends,

For the next few months I’ll be studying the current website and I intend to redesign the information in a new look, which, if accepted, would also help communicate strengths of Natron better.

The Problems:

  1. I’m new to this community and I need to understand the best practices for a web designer/developer to share progress over time. By default, I’ll be writing down paragraphs like this and post here on forum itself.
  2. Is it okay if I post everything on my Github account for working previews?

You can reach me on this account as well as on for suggestions and conversation.

P.S: I came across a post on Facebook, which pointed out how could be better before deciding on taking this up.



Hi @mohitfagna!

I don’t how how your re-design work is going, I hope you didn’t give up and you are still interested in collaborating within the project!

If the last option fits well into your schedule (or even not, just joking :wink:), maybe you are interested in joining a conversation about the future of Natron, since we all know this software is great, but it’s also true that it deserves more love, if you know what I mean!

So, if you want to say something about it or you want to simply step in and walk around please have a look at this. Enjoy :sunglasses:


Yeah, we are trying to assemble everyone who wants to help (in any way) into one topic!
Please join us there @mohitfagna !