Viewport and project settings don't match. Might be an easy question


I tried searching and nothing came up.

The viewport and the project settings don’t match. I’m guessing they’re either not suppose to or this is a bug. I’m not quite sure what to make of this.

Please view the screenshot. Thank you for your help.


It is not a bug. Those boxes are the size in pixels of the elements you are combining. To resize them to your output size you can use a resize node or a reformat node.


This also was confusing for me. The pop-up help for Output Format says “The project output format is what is used as canvas on the viewers.”

This appears to not be an accurate statement. The viewer canvas seems to show whatever format is input to it, not necessarily the project output format.

I am new to Natron, but I am assuming that somewhere in the processing graph, it is the responsibility of the user to ensure that the images are explicitly reformatted to the project dimensions by scaling, cropping, etc… In other words, Natron will not automatically resize or crop your pipeline to fit the output format. Is this correct?


The tooltip is indeed outdated, it used to be like that.
However now, the plain rectangle shows the format of the tree on which your viewer node is connected to.
The project format is used mainly for Generators (Checkerboard, Shadertoy, Colorbar, Ramp etc… ) to use a default canevas.
This is important to note also that all “spatial” parameters such as the Center parameter of a Transform node are expressed in the project format.