Unable to build ofx-misc plugins in Natron 2.2 Linux



I´m trying to update some ofx plugins I made based on OFX Misc plugins.

Natron is not loading correctly the plugins so I made a clean test:

git clone https://github.com/devernay/openfx-misc.git
cd openfx-misc
git submodule update -i -r

I rename Invert folder to ¨Test¨, renamed also within the makefile, and .cpp.
In the code just changed the Grouping and Identifier lines , to load the plugin in a new group called ¨Test¨:

#define kPluginName "TestOFX"
#define kPluginGrouping "Test"
#define kPluginDescription "Load OFX plugin"
#define kPluginIdentifier "net.sf.openfx.Test"

I´m building the plugins from linux terminal. (make command with and without the options: CONFIG=release BITS=64 makes no difference)
In Natron, in Preferences/Plugins I added the path to the folder e.g Linux-64-debug .

The last days i´ve been trying to do this in many different ways, but Natron still doesn´t load the new plugin in a new group.

Any idea?


I keep on trying different things but without any results.
I can create new ofx files but Natron doesn’t load it in the nodes groups.

I use Ubuntu command line, with GNU Make 4.1.
Natron 2.2.5
make clean && make CONFIG=release BITS=64.

Would really appreciate your help.