Transform node's strange behavior


Transform node doesn’t take in account the ‘Black Outside’ option to automatically extend color edges as it does in Nuke.
Is that normal ?


Yes it does. However, if a second transform node follows the first, this parameter is ignored, and transforms are “concatenating”, so you should set it on the last transform node.
Is that the case?


ok actually we would need the AdjustRoD to fill with non-black pixels, I’ll try to fix that befor the release.
Then you can do Source->AdjustRoD->Transform(with black outside unchecked) to fill all the black areas.
In Natron, every area outside of the bbox is black in transparent, whereas Nuke has a special flag to say it’s not.
I’ll change the AdjustRoD plugin to add the black outside flag


ok, in 2.2 you just have to insert a AdustRoD node with the proper Border Conditions parameter.

In 2.1.9, just put a Crop node before your transform to enlarge the image.