[SOLVED] Duplicate shuffle nodes!


I have an issue since i installed Natron version 2.2.5.

I have duplicate shuffle nodes appearing.

  1. When i use the GUI Channel button i can chose shuffle or shuffle 2 .
  2. When using the nodegraph zone i can choose shuffle or shuffle 1 node .

The problem is that when i chose the wrong one on the list, Natron completely crash !

I tried every solution i could ex. cleaning caches, library , reinstal Natron from scratch this second shuffle node is still present !

Have someone already had the same issue ?

Can someone give me some ideas to remove this duplicate node ?

Every help will be welcome !

Thanks !


you can look into the .ntp file with a text editor if there is definition of your duplicated shuffle node.
Then , replace the plugin by something that doesn’t exist (net.sf.openfx.ShufflePlugin by net.sf.openfx.WhatEver) then try to reload the projet. Natron won’t find the plugin and then will erase the node.

Not sure that will work , but you can try this …


Thanks for your answer,

I tried your solution but problem still persist. This duplicate node still exist in the default starting comp even before loading any project !

Thanks !


You probably have an old plug-in version installed that is loaded by Natron as well.
Assuming you are on Linux, make sure you have only up to date plug-ins in /usr/OFX/Plugins.


Having a Mac, i checked in my /Library/OFX/plugins folder. I had 3 plugins installed in this folder.

  1. Misc.ofx.bundle
  2. BCC_OFX_3D_Objects.ofx.bundle
  3. CImg.ofx.bundle

I tried to remove them one by one.

After removing the Misc.ofx.bundle plugin the double shuffle node disappeared !

So my problem is gone now !

Thanks a lot for your help !