Problems for saving projects and write


Problems for saving projects and write final video - the program crash!


More information is needed.

  • Windows/Linux/Mac?
  • Network/local path/disk?
  • “exotic” directory/files names?


How come? The version I am.using is window 64 can no write any file or save a project - CRASH!! Not funtion any more


Because saying it just crashed won’t help anyone…

Do you use filenames/directories with special characters?


nope the path I use is (new folder) c:/natron/write/ name.avi


Here is the path thise are new folder in c directory that I create DO.NOT WORK. Thanks in advance for help me


I’m currently testing on Windows 7, and are unable to replicate. I have “New Folder” in C, and on my Desktop, they all render as they should (and save project works). Tested with mov and avi. Also tried to save with special characters, works here. What Windows version are you using?


I am using windows 8


Ok, will try to get my hands on a Windows 8 installation and test.



If you want help, you need to provide us with more information, as what exactly you are doing when it crashes (provide a screen cast if possible)


I’m having the same issue on Mac. Unable to save, it crashes. I have submitted the report.