PIKDespill for NATRON


Despill tool based on the PIK Keyer.

Have fun…

PIKDespill_v2.zip (4.8 KB)


Hi Fabrice,

You should upload your PyPlugs to https://github.com/NatronVFX/natron-plugins
Or post them on What about having a Pyplug repository? so they can be added to the repository !



I don’t seem to have push access to the repository.


You can request it on the forum link or fork the GitHub repository and make a pull request which will be merged by a person with push access.


Could you please explain me the exact procedure.
I’m afraid I’m not used to GitHub at all :slight_smile:


I can give you access to the repository, just give me your github username. I also started a howto on https://github.com/NatronVFX/natron-plugins/wiki/useGit

If you have problems just let me know (I can also add the plugins for you if you want).


my username is fabiof17


Access granted :slight_smile:

Send me a PM or something if you have any questions.


I have added the pyplug to the repository