OpenGL Hardware Acceleration


When installing NATRON, I had to choose the “Legacy Hardware support” option, either NATRON would crash at launch time. Which is odd because I have a Quadro4000 that runs Nuke, Fusion and even Flame perfectly.
Anyway, where can I get the Software OpenGL dll (opengl32.dll) specified in the System Requirements paragraph?



In the windows installer there is a checkbox to check to install software OpenGL.

If this warning shows up it means Natron lacks some functions to properly use all OpenGL functions required. We don’t need more than OpenGL 2.1


Do you mean the “Legacy Hardware support” option installs software OpenGL ?


Yes it will install opengl32.dll in your bin directory and use it instead of the one provided by your graphic card driver


Do you have any plan (in a reasonable period of time) to make NATRON fully HW accelerated ? :slight_smile:


It is hardware accelerated for some effects, unless you do not have the required OpenGL version. More effects will probably in the future have GPU support


OK, because just displaying, zooming and panning an image in the viewer is very very slow.
Drawing a roto as well.


It depends entirely on what you are doing. In the next major version of Natron the Roto pipeline is entirely on GPU


Ahhh, that’s a very good news ^^
Anyway, you’re doing a very good job, especially regarding how few people you are at the dev team.
Nice job.