Noob friendly expressions


So thanks for your answers!
I made a little animation (with horrible compressionartifacts) of how I think it could look like.
Zoom has a scala of 1 - 3.5 and Amount 0 - 4.8
Maybe in the end the Zoom doesnt behave so linear to the Amount. But we will see when its running.

@hulmanen so if I understand you right you just put 0 in the middle of the scala (-2.5 - 0 - +2.5) and use positive and negative values.
I had this thought too but didnt know how to pull it of.

@sozap I am afraid I need something else.
I want to set keyframes on one slider, and the other one should then automatically behave reverse, but in the given scala of his own.

If the oneclickhoster should make troubles, I am open for other ones. This is what DuckDuckGo gave me.



That’s indeed simpler than I though ,
The thing is that your two values are not mapped from 0 to 1, so it add a bit of complications in the expression.
I haven’t tested , but the expression for Zoom should be something like :

Amount/4.8 : we take the actual amount value and his maximum and remap it from 0 to 1.

1-(Amount/4.8) : if amount = 0 we get a value of 1, if amount = 4.8 we get a value of 0

(1-(Amount/4.8))*3.5 : we remap the result so it goes from 0 to 3.5

You just need to replace Amount by the proper python code to get the value of the amount slider.

BTW, I think you can post videos as long as image in the forum, so you may not need to use turbobit.