NO Text Node in 2.2.6 Version!


I just installed new Natron version (2.2.6) but there’s NOT the Text Node. A warning error…

" Project: ERROR: The node net.fxarena.openfx.Text version 6.9 was found in the script but does not exist in the loaded plug-ins."

…but in C:\Program Files\INRIA\Natron-2.2.6\Plugins\OFX\Natron\Arena.ofx.bundle\Contents\Resources there are the files:

If I open old version (2.2.5) there is no problem.
Can you help me?


This may be a deploy issue, we updated a lot of libraries on our windows build machines. We will look into it


Can you please re-download 2.2.6 and test?


I’ve re-downloaded V2.2.6 and re-installed it. Text node is back and working again !


I’ve re-downloaded V2.2.6 and re-installed it in a different folder: everything seems to be OK! Anyway, I DID NOT erased the old folders!

  1. I’ll test next projects
  2. In case of failure, I will use the old version (v 2.2.5)
  3. I am waiting to see what happens next April 11-th (Microsoft will distribute the Creators Version Update). I hope there is no conflict!