Need some Python advice


Hi there,

I want to link the ‘disable checkbox’ of a node to the OPPOSITE value of another node’s ‘disable checkbox’.

For example, with 2 blur nodes : Blur1, Blur2
I want the Blur2 to be disabled when Blur1 is enabled, and so on…

Since a checkbox returns a boolean value, I’ve tried :

myValue = Blur1.disableNode.get()
not myValue

Doesn’t work…

Any idea?


You are almost there:

  • You have to select “Multi-line”
    And then you have to assign the “ret” variable:

    myValue = Blur1.disableNode.get()
    ret = not myValue

Or single line:

not Blur1.disableNode.get()


Ah ah thanks, I was so close :slight_smile: