Natron UI Project


this thread hasn’t updated since April 2017, I hope the community is still interested with this Project


Hi @aditiavfx!

The UI project it is indeed very interesting and I hope it will continue in some way!

I think that now we need to create more interest around the project, especially around the contributing (code, design, ideas, tutorials, etc) part of it.

I started a conversation here on the forum yesterday with the Future of Natron as subject, it would be very nice and useful if you step in and give your contribution/ideas or simply say “yes I’m in for making the change happen”!

Here’s the link

Of course the “invitation” (if it might be called like that) is for everyone here in this conversation! Let’s make something awesome :star_struck:

See you on the other side :slight_smile:


Hi everyone! Just to reinforce what @giacomoalbe just said, let’s get back engaging on everything anyone can do to help Natron’s future.
It doesn’t matter which skills you have, what matters is if you are really willing to help!

Natron is going through a rough time and we think now is the time to step up and try make whatever we can to keep Natron going!

Please join our topic:

See you guys there!