Natron UI Project


Finally I realized that the problem is not the timeline, it’s only the player controls. And these can be hidden if you know the shortcuts. You would only need to bring it up for the frame rate and then you can tuck it away again.

So there is really no need to change anything except to be able to save a default layout.


Interesting. I remember I made an issue on github about Natron UI redesign but I don’t see this thread there anymore.


Wow, i like your work! Can’t judge the functionality but i love the Details, very clear. What does it stop from beging implemented? From whom and where is this decision made?
What is the power structure in Natron? Can i find some information anywhere?


The team has more important things on the TODO list, the UI will be fixed/enhanced when the time is right.

This does not stop the community from doing the actual work :wink:

Stylesheet: , note that we also hard-code the style several places in the source (this must also be fixed).


ah, ok i understand, thanks for your respond!
but do you know how the internal structure of such decisions (like what is the most important todo,…) looks like?


So, I have started modifying the UI (slowly, mostly a spare-time project), note that I will only “style” it, the layout etc will not be changed.



Sadly there are many issues on Mac compared to Windows and Linux:


  • Fix more icons (size/color)
  • Find out why Mac differs (look like crap) compared to the other platforms, and try to fix.
    • Gradients don’t work
    • Has additional borders around misc boxes
    • Margin/Alignment issues on buttons vs. lineedit
    • background color on several widgets don’t apply
    • bad icon alignment in pushbutton


Hey !

That’s soo much cooler now ! it give a more professional /2.0 feel to Natron, I want that soooo badllyyyyy !
You have also manage to reduce unneeded space that’s great !

I’m just not sure about the double gradient in the search menu, what about just going from dark gray to a more dark gray , or the opposite ?
The search window look a bit off compared to the rest of the UI now, maybe too much unneeded orange but that’s not that much important…

Anyway that’s a very good step forward, that can help some people to be more confident in Natron (those who don’t know how to see inner beauty) and that’s also very more comfortable to work with a clean and nice UI like this one !

Keep up the good work !


The search menu was just a test, will modify it :wink:

Most of the TODO seems to be getting the Mac version on-par with Windws and Linux.

Link to stylesheet: (note that I modified several icons and some stuff in Natron, so the stylesheet will not work 100% on a unmodified Natron).


Cool ! I’ve installed it and that’s way better, I’ve never though of lowering the font size value, but having it around 8 or 9 and with the new stylesheet it’s like I’m using a complete more modern software… I don’t think Natron needs a 3D viewport anymore, only a new stylesheet :smiley:

Looking forward integration of the stylesheet and the new icon in master !


Cool! Looks awesome! For me much better than the current one. I like those new icons and especially the spacing for the text in the tabs. I hope it’s getting integrated soon in master.


Will try to finish the styling as soon as possible, but I can’t merge until the Mac issues has been resolved, and I don’t have a Mac :wink:


multi platform development it’s always very complicated, but you could use a virtual machine for the mac os tests.


I have a VM with OSX, but that’s just for testing plugins, I don’t have the needed software installed to build Natron, or the space or time to build the requirements.

I can do basic stylesheet testing, but that’s it. I also don’t know why almost none of the styling don’t work on Mac, as they work flawless on the other platforms…


hi to all
i wish to ask all you:
background in viewer will be checker (typical of transparent or name alpha) this mean for DEFAULT in viewer is emtpy so must to be transparent… but if add node-read (movie or image) will be inside area of size project but outside of area of size project will be transparent (checker) this is correct UI for workflow… it’s right or worng idea?

see example my idea:

there is node:read file png+alpha, so my link is good help me UI understand, instead black is hard to understand or to be confusing duration WIP (work in process) so this black bad UI design, instead backgroud default checker (transparent) is best UI design…

esample other software:
blender > node background is lines vertical and horizontal, this MEDIUM best UI, see here example:

spine> background is transparent this is HIGH best UI, see here example:

spriter > background is transparent, this is HIGH best UI, see here example:

so i did report in github but is closed by MrKepzie, said:
The checkerboard is only applied to the visible region of the project when the stream is premultiplied.
but mrkepzie dont knows what is best UI design…see great difference from spine, dragonbones

blender NODES:
background UI is BORING


i think for change code: is minor, is not hard change all code… change code in viewer…

thank you for attention.


Hi there, I’ve juste started to work on some mock-up for Natron.
As I just don’t know how much it should stick to the Nuke UI, I did something quite close.
With a few changes of course. There are still missing things, but that’s a start.

NB: That’s just a photoshop work.


It´s been a good 4 months now, no progress on UI design? At least , please consider taking “splash screen” customization (we know what has been going on with Blender, but that´s another issue), but at least then, let´s make a post where the best splash screen for natron gets voted.
How about that for advancing on this topic for the UI?
Thanks! :smiley:


For the splash I think I’ve seen a new version for Natron 3.0 made by Jean-Christophe Levet, so in natron 3 we may have a kind of a fresh new look feeling.

And for UI design , I guess the dev’s are too busy implementing core functionality and bugfixing, Personnally I prefer a working software than a super UI that is unusable. But it’s true that UI is important too.

Still you can improve current css theme as Olear did in this very same post.

That would be cool if someone can work on the natron theme and colors and provide a cleaner UI , maybe if it’s rock solid it can become the new default. But I guess it must be a comunity initiative , because dev’s won’t find time to implement the slick and cool mocups we have here.


this thread hasn’t updated since April 2017, I hope the community is still interested with this Project


Hi @aditiavfx!

The UI project it is indeed very interesting and I hope it will continue in some way!

I think that now we need to create more interest around the project, especially around the contributing (code, design, ideas, tutorials, etc) part of it.

I started a conversation here on the forum yesterday with the Future of Natron as subject, it would be very nice and useful if you step in and give your contribution/ideas or simply say “yes I’m in for making the change happen”!

Here’s the link

Of course the “invitation” (if it might be called like that) is for everyone here in this conversation! Let’s make something awesome :star_struck:

See you on the other side :slight_smile:


Hi everyone! Just to reinforce what @giacomoalbe just said, let’s get back engaging on everything anyone can do to help Natron’s future.
It doesn’t matter which skills you have, what matters is if you are really willing to help!

Natron is going through a rough time and we think now is the time to step up and try make whatever we can to keep Natron going!

Please join our topic:

See you guys there!