Mocha Tracks In Natron?


Hello MadBlock,

Thanks for the executable file. Although I don’t have mocha in my laptop yet but, is it possible to create a python script for this awesome mocha ae converter like what nukepedia has? Would be a great help. =)



Ramoon, thank you for your interest! Unfortunately, I don’t know python well. But you can try yourself using xml template inside that zip. It’s really not complicated.
Also there is C++ source code if someone wish to add functionality or compile for another OS.


Cool. I’ll see what I can do but I have no background in Python or any
programming language at all. Hopefully we can find a python expert to
develop this hand tool you made.



Hello everyone in Natron Nation. Is there a way to transfer mocha ae shapes or roto to natron? =}


Yes you can with the Python API. I know some people did it already, but they kept their code private.
Someone would have to write the Python code code and make it open source