Issue with retime and it's curve?


I’ve tried to use the retime node with the curve editor, but can’t get the expected result.

I have 3 key points in a row. The first and third key point is at 1 - the video should play in normal speed before and after these key points.
The middle key point has any value > 1. All key points are on smooth interpolation, so I expect the video to slowly increase and decrease it’s speed after/before the middle key point.

But the result is not the one I’ve expected. I get the same result as when I set the first and second key point to constant interpolation. From the first to the second key point the speed stays at 1 and at the second key the speed is instant at the maximal value and is constant high to the third key point, where the speed returns instant to 1 again. However, the value of the current speed in the retime properties seems to correctly interpolate.

This looks a bit like this, but there’s no crash and the issue is marked as fixed.
I’ve tried this with Natron 2.1.9.
I hope this works, here is a minimal example:,54744935/retime-bug.ntp/

Is this known or the expected behavior? Doesn’t retime work with anything other than constant interpolation?


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Is this a bug which can be fixed?
Or am I doing something wrong?


Bugs are best reported at

I will look into it


Yesterday I’ve updated to Natron 2.2.0, but this still happens.


(Finally) Fixed by

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