Is there an easy way to do a muzzle falsh in natron?


I was wondering if anyone has put together a tutorial on how to make a one frame muzzle flash…
If so could you please put a link or tell me how to make one?


Well, since Natron is a compositing software, the most obvious way to do this is to simply take a footage of muzzle flash and… well, compose it onto your source footage. But if you still want to make muzzle flash in Natron, the fastest way i see it without additional plugins is to use Roto Node and simply draw desired muzzle flash shape and then use different blending modes (Merge node) to achieve more or less realistic result


Thank you for your advice, but i found a nuke tutorial that worked fine.


It’d be nice if you’ll post a link to this tutorial here. I’m curious


here it is


here is the link try it:


replace the exposure node with a multiply node, and witht he roto node just
adjust the feathering and dont add a blur node

On Thu, Nov 12, 2015 at 6:44 AM, Calvin Frakes