Is there a Channel Merge?


Title says it all, I guess…is there an equivalent to the Channel Merge node in Nuke? I need to combine some MMattes to make a new mask. Thanks friends



I’m not 100% sure, but with regular merge node you can merge some mask (or plane different than Color RGBA) but you’re limitated ex: you can merge maskA channel R with maskB channel R , but not MaskA R with MaskB B . you need to add some shuffle node to make channel match first…
But there is no straigtforward way to do it, like with channel merge node…
I hope that all this make sense, good luck !


You could use SeExprSimple. If you wanted to multiply two alpha channels together, for example, you would plug them into inputs 1 and 2 of the node, and in the A= field, enter: a1*a2.

You could of course multiply any other channel as well, or shuffle channels around etc.


Thanks, I will try this later.