How does the shuffle node work?


I have been trying to figure out the shuffle node. Why is there an A/B pipe? I don’t understand the node’s documentation. Any clarification would be greatly appreciated. Also, I specifically want to know how to ‘force’ an alpha when there’s no alpha in the source footage. Thanks


The shuffle Node is for mixing RGBA channels, you can have only one input (A) and reorder it like BAGR instead of RGBA
or mixing two image’s channels , like take R and G channel from input A, and B and A channels from input B…

For adding an alpha channel, I think you can setup it in the read node, or if you put a shuffle node after the read, if you have access to RGBA channels, then set A channel to 1

I haven’t natron at hand so I can"t do further tests, if you’ve got issue I’ll take a closer look at it !

Happing natronisation !


Thanks for clarifying this sozap!

As for the alpha-channel issue, I already tried setting up the read node to use an alpha, including putting a shuffle node after the read node and setting A channel to 1, but was unsuccessful with both options. Not sure how else to combat this problem…