G'MIC for Natron


G’MIC is very powerfull and popular with for example GIMP or Krita and other software as a plug in.
Tobias_Fleischer made initially a plug in for Adobe After Effects and Premiere pro. And now his bridge is also for OpenFX.

Which means it can be used in all sorts of programs, like:

  • The Foundry Nuke
  • Natron
  • Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve
  • Sony Vegas Pro
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • etc. etc.

This is the original thread in the Pixl.us forum.
The creator of GMIC, David Tschumperlé, is also there in this forum.

If you want to test some of the effects in your browser:

And this is the official site:


His updates are posted at https://plus.google.com/+TobiasFleischer , still waiting on a source dump/release …


Aah, good to know.(and that you already were aware of it)
Hopefully he is getting it ready and usable soon.:grin:


Any beta realese link to test please? Found no link on his google plus


Nope, will have a talk with Tobias and see if we can get something building…


Hey olear,
any news about G’MIC/Natron?


Still waiting on Tobias, he’s busy with other projects at the moment.


This here seems to be very promising for Blender.


bump :slight_smile: looks like still no update to g’mic for Natron?


Nope. It’s been almost a year since Tobias demoed his plugins, so don’t hold your breath :wink:

Currently I don’t see this happening until someone else steps up and creates the bridge from scratch.



Beta binaries for Linux/Mac : https://github.com/olear/openfx-gmic/releases/tag/1.0beta1


Updated G’MIC OFX beta release to include Windows binaries: https://github.com/NatronVFX/openfx-gmic/releases/tag/1.0beta1


Awesome olear! Thanks you!
So is this specifically for Natron? I placed the bundle in the OFX plugins folder and it appeared in Natron but not in DaVince Resolve.


Yes, I built them specifically for Natron using the same toolchain and libraries. They should work on other hosts as well, but I can’t guarantee anything. The binaries from Tobias (the original author) may work better on other hosts.


I see. Will check out Tobias’ binaries. Thank you!


THIS IS REALLY GREAT! Good work @olear


Since I’m feeling a bit thick at the moment - I blame it on the US election proving that the most powerful country in the West (due to it’s physical size) is so messed up that it puts Trump in charge. It’s depressing.

HOWEVER: Getting back to the topic, I’m confused as to how we use G’mic. I see there are oodles of examples in Krita but when I pop the node in there it asks me for an expression. Now although I do understand the basics, surely a these effects (in the main) require more than a line of code don’t they?

What am I doing wrong?


Not the expression node. This is a suite of nodes you have to install. You will get many new nodes appearing in the toolshelf.


I’ll sit tight then until the documentation appears Nick. I’m still learning my way about Natron (loving it though.)