Export to GIF is black and i get an error before


So i’ve used after effects in the past but switched to ubuntu on my home PC.
Natron seems nice and powerful and i’ve been messing around with making a GIF.

Now, i can make a REC node and get an MP4 file just fine, but when i try with GIF i first get a warning:

You are trying to render the frame range [2112 - 2150] but you did not specify any hash (’#’) character(s) or printf-like format (’%d’) for the padding. This will result in the same image being overwritten multiple times.Would you like to continue?

and i can’t figure out how to fix this. But i can ignore the warning but the GIF i get out is all black. :frowning:

Using Ubuntu 14.04 and Natron 2.2.4.

Hope you can help me


hum, you must add a padding when exporting images ex : /some/file_####.png and it will produce :
file_0001.png / file_0002.png ect…
which is likely not what you want.

Maybe you can export your animation as a png image sequence and then convert it to animated gif using gimp ?
I don’t know how much animated gif is supported in natron, but gimp has it.



Will try that. I just haven’t used GIMP yet :neutral_face:


Ohhhhh. I just got what you meant now. So GIF “capability” is just making a bunch of GIF files and not a single moving one. Okay, i will use GIMP.


Natron 2.3.7 will support reading and creating animated GIFs