Editing in Natron with audio playback


I’ve been looking around the internet for a way to put on audio playback in the background for editing on sound cues or maybe some music videos.

Am I looking the wrong places?

Can Natron do basic video editing?
How do I add Audio

Natron does not support audio, but I think https://github.com/rcspam/audio2ascii supports audio during playback, how well it works I don’t know.

I would recommend you set the cue’s in an NLE and then do the “special effects” in Natron.


Thanks a bunch, Ole-André!

I’ll check these options out :slight_smile:


Are there any plans on audio support?


Not at this moment, audio support is not a primary feature requirement in compositing.


This is wrong, many post processing artists use audio for syncing animations. It is absolutely important for any non-trivial workflow to have some way to use audio as a source of synchronisation. Many music videos may show you how important it is to sync to the beat.


Well, then all compositing applications would have audio support. Shake didn’t have audio, and neither do Nuke (regular and X, the studio edition probably have that now but that’s a not a pure compositing application). Nuke/Shake can import audio as curves, this is also possible with third-party plugins on Natron.

I have made many music videos, and I do my syncing in the NLE.


olear, yes, I know many compositing application developers are sleeping. This is a wakeup call.
Audio sync would be an extremely useful feature - saying “others do not do this” we still would not have computers at all, as “others did not do it”. Wrong approach to innovation.

I strongly suggest to look into realtime audio tools like ableton and combine ideas from that wolrd into compositing - this would make Natron a very special beast. From a dev standpoint this is not complicated at all, comapred to visual algorithms audio sync is easy, also many open source tools have already done the dirty work.

Also, when you do your syncing in NLE, how do you sync parameter animations to a beat in natron? At least a midi sync is heavily needed for anything that needs to hit the beat exactly.

I would be very happy if natron developers would see that seemless audio integration into a tool like natron would push it on a completely new level. Think Ableton Live, Push plus Natron.

Thanks for your attention!


That the “others’” don’t support audio was not an excuse, it’s just that audio is not an priority.

Adding proper audio support on all platforms is also a lot of work. This is something that can be worked on after more important things.


It would be nice to have audio, however it is not necessary, if you use the right tool for the job. Natron is the right tool for compositing operations.

  1. edit in your NLE, with audio
  2. if you have 3D animations do a preview composite in the 3D application. eg if you are using Blender, you can load audio and do a preview comp in the VSE.
  3. In Natron composite the layers that you created in your NLE and 3D application. By this stage you might already have the timing done, in which case you would only need to make a realistic blend of the layers. But if you are going to adjust timing to you can import audio as an animation curve using the plugin olear mentioned or you can export an ASCII from a DAW and import it into the curve editor manually.


Aargh! I need to make animations and synchronize the movement of the lips with speech of a movie that I already have!
I have a suggestion for Natron developers: create a window in which there is only the audio track and the time (number of frames). This would be a simple horizontal bar to overlap the timeline of Natron project in the works, with NO connection with the video. This way you can manage the animation of the lips with reference to the exact sound moments.
Natron does NOT process the audio file and continues to process only the video part. Then, when you export the video with the animation of the lips, the video does not contain audio, but it will be easier to connect audio and video in post production processing.


Just to chime in Audio would be soooooooooooo soooooooooooooooooooo handy as an everyday use and I have been a comper for the last 20 years. but that doesn’t mean I agree with how things are run in the software.

I wonder if natron can team up with cut and create a Natron Studio


yes – a working timeline resp. some natron studio functionality would be very useful.

but i would prefer something similar to mistika even more. it’s much more powerful than tradition timelines for fx work. in mistika you can always switch between node graph representation and corresponding layers on the timeline, collapse and reuse filter stacks, etc. it’s really a very innovative alternative to more simple NLE-like interfaces.

there is now a free training version of this otherwise quite expensive software available, to test yourself, how this very uncommon operation paradigm works in practice:

there are also interesting technical developer informations and open source user extension framework code available, which could even help to utilize natron and mistika side by side in a symbiotic manner: