DUCK Alpha_Edge, Skin_Cleaner, Smart_Blur for NATRON


Hi guys,
as a training for me, I’ve made a Natron version of 3 Gizmos already available on Nuke :


. (27.7 KB)


I’ve added these pyplug to the Natron Pyplug repository, drop me a line if I souldn’t and I’ll remove them…


Actually you did well.
I made a fork from the natron plugins github repository :

but I didn’t figure out how to make it automatically update the main branch.

I can also send you an archive with all the PyPlugs I’ve done so far.


Hey fabiof17!
I’m pretty new to all that github stuff, too. In the beginning I had the same problem with keeping the fork and the original repository in sync. Maybe check out this tutorial, it helped me a lot:


Hi fabiof17 !

After I commited the Pyplug I’ve seen your fork…
The few things you need to take care of is :

  • where you put the Pyplug , it’s better to have them under actual folder ex :
    instead of having a Duck folder , you should put them in the Filter folder to avoid having too much folders .

  • I get rid of the version in the file name

  • the Pyplug ID for Duck_Alpha_Edge becomes

These are some conventions (actually there are not set in stone) that I found great, but that can be discussed.

If you’d like to commit the other Pyplug don’t hesitate , as you’ve made a lot of them. But I can also put them into the repository.

Thanks for sharing them, it’s cool stuff !


Thx for the video. I managed to sync with the main branch.
I also followed your different advices.
Thx ^^


thanks, I understood, at last…


Thanks fabiof17 for all that awesome contributions! I quickly tested most of them and they are really handy!

As I noticed some things, I thought I’ll let you know:

  • Duck Denoise: I think the “Border Conditions” of the blur nodes inside should all be set to “Nearest” instead of “Black” by default. At the moment it produces blurred artifacts on the borders of the image.

  • Duck Denoise: There is “v2” in the name. I don’t think this is neccessary.

  • Channel Offset: In the “Controls” and the “Credits” tab it says: “ChannelOffset_v1.1” But actually the version of the PyPlug is “1.0”. I think the version number could be dropped in this label, too.

  • I’m not sure if we need an extra category like “fxT” when there is only one Plugin like fxT_Glowy that could be placed into the “Filter” category as well. Of course it makes sense, if you plan to convert more than one plugin of this package…

Anyway, thanks again for your work! Very appreciated!


I follow your advices about Duck Denoise and Channel Offset.
For the fxT Pyplugs, I indeed plan to convert others, but they don’t need a dedicated folder.
So I moved them into the Filter category.



Ok, cool! Can’t wait to see what you come up with, next.

I’m not really sure how to best handle the category organization stuff. If you have other suggestions or ideas, just let us know.
I personally don’t have a problem with a category for a plugin-suite, as long as it’s not just one plugin.


I just added an Edge Detect PyPlug with IN/OUT dilate and blur options.
If you see any other stuff to fix, just let me know.


Hello !

fabiof17 thank you very much for your contribution that’s really cool, I also like very much your icons design !
There are a few missing things like the .xml for Pyplug registration into the installer and also the files, it’s a bit of extra work but that would be nice if you can look into this as well …

I’ve made a wiki page to set some conventions and best practices for adding stuff to the repository :

Maybe Olear, PostPullux and CameraRick can give feedback or edit the page if they feel something need to be changed as they contributed a lot of Pyplugs.

At some point we should consider making a real website like NukePedia and make things easier for people to submit their Pyplug , but that can be hard to setup. For now we have to stick to Github and this kind of boring extra work.

Thanks again for making you stuff available to the community !



@fabiof17. Thanks again for the contribution!
I think it would be nice, if you also add a plugin discription to your PyPlugs. Either while exporting, or afterwards in the .py file under “def getPluginDescription():”

Sometimes it’s hard to guess what a Plugin does, if you didn’t create it yourself. In this case it’s nice if the little question mark in the porperties bin can help you out. And as it isn’t a personal but a community plugin-repository, ment for sharing plugins, I think it makes sense to always include a description for all the other guys that are going to use your stuff…
Of course hoovering descriptions for all the parameters would be nice to have, too. But I know that’s quite some work…

Btw, just curious, what’s the difference of this plugin compared to the Duck Alpha Edge? Seems to do pretty much the same? Am I missing something?

And it’s true, your icons are very appealing! Good work. I did some myself, but I find it rather difficult to make one that looks nice and works good with that tiny size Natron uses…

Thanks for setting up that wiki page! I like it. That should help to get some consistency in the repository.


I’ll update the Pyplugs i’ve done, following the guidelines :
decriptions, PyPlug ID name, hovering hints, etc…

A few questions however :

  1. how to generate the .xml file to be provided ?
  2. how to modify the ?

I’ll check about similarities between ‘Duck Alpha Edge’ and ‘EdgeMatteDetect’.
I may have done twice the same stuff (it’s all me…)


Hey thanks a lot !
I’ve played with your Glowy Pyplug and that’s pure awesomeness ! These addition to the repository are very cool !
For the .xml and just copy/paste an existing one , change the name to match your Pyplug and edit the file with a text editor. You’ll see inside the files that you just need to change some names and descriptions.

I can check the files to see if everything are ok if you like …
Keep up the good work !


If you have some time to do it, that would be helpful.
Thanks a lot.



I’ve updated most of your pyplugs with description, .xml and .md files,
I’ve moved them to the main directories (Filter) and created a subfolder inside the .py file for the Duck and PxF plugs
There are still the ms pyplugs that needs to be done.

You can check if everything is ok by following the links here :

There a still some plugs that would benefit to have some descriptions like :

Some nice examples pictures could be cool also, but that’s up to you …

This repository is getting very cool stuff that’s great to see !


Erf, don’t mind the text bellow the links, I just wanted to paste the links :slight_smile:

see ya !


Very good job :slight_smile:
I’ll do the same for the remaining ones.