Corrupted .ntp file


First time it happens…
I was working on a PyPlug.
Using 2.1.10 (14.1 KB)


I cannot download the attached item, it says 403 forbidden, @olear Can you check the forums permissions are ok ?


@MrKepzie : the permissions are ok, re-upload the file:
corrupted.ntp (285.8 KB)

EDIT: Not related to disk space


OK. (14.1 KB)


No, I did it for you.


@fabiof17: The second file you uploaded is also “wrong”. Strange …


Ok, here is the .ntp file :

corrupted.ntp (285.8 KB)


Seems to be a problem with zip files, will check.


Issue has been fixed, zip files now work.


OK. So if you could have a look at what when wrong when saving the .ntp file…
Maybe there’s nothing you can do, but who knows…


I’m able to load it fine:

There just seem to be an issue with the viewer format


Ah OK that’s good news ^^
Thx a lot.