Convert svg path to roto path



I want to use an SVG path as starting point for an animated path in the roto component. is there a way to convert this path’s syntax? A simple scipt maybe? Or any function like ‘generate path by image’ - something like the ‘object to path’ trace option in Inkscape would be enough.
Copy and paste doesn’t work and using the svg as read-input is not possible, because I want to animate the path’s nodes with Natron.
As I said, a script or a little document about the roto-syntax in the ntp-file would be very helpful.



I don’t think there is example of scripts using the Roto node yet, but that should be doable, someone as posted something about getting Natron rotos into Nuke,

Good luck, if you need help I may look a bit into it , but I must admit that I haven’t much free time these days …