Configuring NATRON

  • Does anyone knows in which config file are stored the custom shortcuts of the ‘Open Sequence’ window, on the left side ?

  • Is there a way to define the default values of specific nodes at startup time ?
    For example, setting the ‘Blur’ to act only on the alpha channel, etc… ?

  • When exporting a PyPlug, the node gets the color of its category ( green for Keying, violet for Channel, etc…)
    Is there a way, in Python, to assign a specific color to a PyPlug after it’s been exported ?


The config file is stored in a system dependent location.
On linux this should be something like:

On Windows this is in the registry:


On Mac:

Default values on nodes can be changed as explained in the doc.

The colour of the pyplug is currently not possible to edit from the GUI at export time. You would have at the end of the createInstance function to write the following:

# rgb must be between 0-1
group.setColor(r, g, b)


Thanks for your answers.
About the config file, on Windows it would be quite simpler to have an external file, as it seems to be the case for both Mac and Linux versions.
Just a suggestion…