Color changing with keyframes?


Hi! I’m basically trying to get a bar to flash between blue and red colors on different keyframes. I used a colorlookup node to set the color of the bar and was wondering if I could animate it using that?


I would have two of them, one blue, one red, and use then animate the mix of a merge to do the flashing.


Hi NuclearWalrus,
you can use keyframes (right click on the parameter’s widget to set keyframes) and then in the interpolation menu choose constant for a change on the next keyframe. Or another interpolation for some smooth changing animation over time.
I tested it with the modulate node in the extras menu, but it should work with your node the same way.

Or you can use an expression. Maybe someone else knows the right one to repeat two or more keyframes over time.


I found it.
On my search for expressions I came across that Natron has presets like loop.

For example:
Make your keyframes to animate the hue from blue to red one time.
Go to the curve editor, left click on the animated curve (gets yellow).
Now right click and choose Predefined -> Loop
Then there pops up the option to give the amount of frames that should be looped.
So in my example begin on frame 0 and end on frame 20. All frames/animations inbetween this range will be looped along the whole timeline.


Hey that worked great! I used the modulate node like you did and that worked. I’m also having some trouble with masking and colors. When I render my video, the colors come out translucent instead of solid like it shows in the viewer. If you could help out that would be awesome, otherwise Ill make another post. Thanks!!!

Heres what I mean.


Sorry, too many variables.
But there is a great Light Saber tutorial in this forum, where he shows the masking and the glowing technics.
He uses the colorlookup node.
You can keyframe the curves (the gear symbol in the left corner -> set key to all parameters), but on the first tries I cant get an animation out of it. Maybe someone else knows this.
So best use the one you are comfortable with.


Yea thats what I used but for some reason it just does this. Thanks anyways!


I am experiencing the same problem with trying to animate the colorlookup curves. The source and target values change with time as expected but they are not applied to the curve at each time point. I wasn’t sure if I was doing something wrong, but if everyone is experiencing this, perhaps it should be a bug report?