Can't view R3D file: "Read4 error: Inable to find video stream"


Hey there, I just installed Natron and tried to view a file I downloaded from

It works fine in NUKE so the file is alright, but in Natron I’m getting a

Read4 error: Inable to find video stream


Now the Frenglish typo aside (“Inable” should probably read “Unable”), is there anything I can do to make this work in Natron? Or does it not support R3D files yet?

On a different note, nice job on beating NUKE in terms of UI scaling. :wink:



We do not support R3D files, you must convert them first.
If they are version R3D files version 3, you can use the ffmpeg command line tool that’s shipped with Natron (in the bin/ directory):