Can't use the roto tool. Won't make points


I have some problems with the roto tool.

I have a video, in which i would like some text to pop up behind a person.
But when i add the roto node i can’t actually click anything on the viewer. I can change the different tools used to make the roto such as pencil and bezier and so on, but i can’t click in the viewer to make any points.

And if i click too close to any of my track points it just starts moving those instead.

Hope you can help me. New to the program.


Hum, that’s strange… I don’t see what could have append,
I guess if you create a new roto node (shortcut o ) you can draw a spline as usual ?
Can you make a little screencast or at least a screenshot so we can see better were can the issue comes from ?


I got it working now. Had to delete the mask an insert it a different place for some reason. This program is very confusing to me. A lot of the things i’ve gotten used to in After effects is very different.


Yeah it’s very different. After Effect is like a Swiss Army knife that can do a lot of different things but not necessarily the best in all field.It is very cool for animation / motion design. Natron / Nuke (node based software in general) are more for strong image processing and advanced compositing. But you can still manage to do motion graphics in it.

It takes some time to get into it, and also to see what are the bests things it has to offer.