Can Natron go for crowd funding for example in Kickstart?


Since many of us and many organizations are now interested in opensource platforms and community efforts, can Natron start crowd funding? Our studio loves Krita and Blender. Krita has generated almost 200% production fund this year. It’s a peak and a blessing. And they are making Krita awesome day by day.
Almost all open source contributors like this approach. I would like to suggest Natron team to look into it. It will be very cool for the production and protection of the community as well. I want Natron to grow. Though very new to Natron but sarted liking it from the first click.


Hum, it’s a tricky subject…
To sum-up from what I’ve understand from the discussion around that…
Natron has his financial support for 3 years now from INRIA that is a french research institute. That allowed Alex and Fred the main dev’s to work fultime on Natron.

This support should end in December 2017, so they are looking to other ways to get financial support. I think they are more toward partnership with companies. A company pays to develop a special feature, gets a special natron version shipped with it, and eventually the feature goes to the open-source branch at some point .

The issue they found with kickstarter is that it’s not enough to have someone working full-time over a year. Getting such a support from big companies is tricky too, at least this scenario work for blender and Tangent animation. But it’s not common for a company to invest in software development they don’t own at the first place, even if finally it get’s open-sourced.

In the other hand, if a few companies drop half of their nuke license and invest it into natron development this could work. But this isn’t as simple as it sound. To me there should be different ways of funding : a simple donate button in the main page. Some short term Kickstarter aimed at special features and specific contract with companies .

I think the sad thing is that big companies can provide financial support more easily but they are such administrative monsters where it’s hard to get something different done because of many people working together. To them it’s not clear and not easy to evaluate the time to invest to replace nuke with natron even at small scale. Where licences have a cost but it’s more easy to evaluate the cost (of the software and the implementation).

The people finally that can invest in natron are more small/medium studios or individual, they’ve got less money to give but it’s simpler to them to switch to natron or to see the benefits of the costs.


Yes, Krita makes a wishlist and estimate a budget. Then announce the budget and start crowd funding. Most of the time it exceeds the budget and extra cost goes to debug departments and others. It’s for their major features.

They also have small donation option which they spend on petty duties. At least for startup a donate option can give an estimation about crowd funding and it’s future. I think.


I am jumping on the Natron train this year. I would happily put money forward for future development. Is there any news what the current business model is for Natron?


Hi all here!

I started a conversation yesterday here on the forum, since I wanted to collect ideas on how we can improve Natron and create a sustainable future for it!

I think that financial support is something we should take carefully in mind.

Would you be that kind to step in and contribute to the discussion? I think we need help and support from the community, and me might also start thinking about plans for the future (also from a commercial/financial point of view!)

This is the conversation!

Waiting you there! :slight_smile: