BIG problem with switch node


Hello friends, In my comp I am merging 27 images over 27 other images using 27 other images with MMattes as mask.

So I have 3 switches, each with 27 inputs. Switch 1 is the primary images. Switch 2 is the images being merged over them. Switch 3 is the masks that are providing MMattes as mask for the merge.

Switch 3 will NOT WORK. It’s making me crazy.

Is there some limit on how many switches Natron can handle at once? Thanks for any advice.


A little followup…it seems like the switch won’t pass render elements. If I stick shuffle nodes before the switch it will pass it along.


What do you have selected under “output layer”? The default is RGBA, which would not pass any other channel, but I imagine setting it to “All” should fix your problem.


Sorry I should have posted the answer…yes I figured that out last week, too busy to post my own solution.

Nevertheless, thank you very much for your post. When I figured this out, it was entirely a ‘Duh!!!’ moment.