What about the "Future" of Natron?


We spent two years setting up a professional support infrastructure (based on JIRA), but nobody was interested in getting support (why bother, when your bugs can be fixed for free).
At the end of these two years, people working on this had to leave to other projects.
We still have that page on the website for two reasons:

  • if a studio really wants to get enough support to hire one person full-time, then we may find someone to do it.
  • I have no time to maintain the website anymore.


My personal strategy is to make Natron 2 as solid as possible, even though there are bugs (such as the viewer glitches) that may never be fixed (because these bugs are very hard to track down - they are hard to reproduce). But Nuke has viewer bugs too.
I will release in the next months the set of scripts that we use to build the Natron binaries. We build Natron and run the tests:

  • on standalone machines, which upload their results and binaries to natron.fr
  • on the INRIA continuous integration infrastructure https://ci.inria.fr/natron which is based on Jenkins and Cloudstack
    Hopefully somebody will then be able to setup separate build that only depend on freely available resources (e.g. travis/appveyor), and document the process.


Hi @frederic_devernay and thanks for joining this conversation!

Can you please explain a bit more what exactly this statement mean? Is Natron going to receive financial support for one more year or simply the website hosting will be covered?

As I wrote in a PM to you, I’d like to start contributing to the project and so far it seems that you are in charge to coordinate the development and such things! I’m here to help you out and I think it’s the same for others as well.

Regarding this very intersting proposal, do you think it’s a good starting point for contributing to Natron? I’d be interested in joining the team and I’m interested in improving Natron, and even the core, both in terms of performance and features, and thus I’d like to actually do something to start understanding how things work and how to actually make them work better! Do you think that such a project would be a good starting point?

Since you are here, I’d like to also make some questions about the involvement of the community into the future of the project:

  • Would it be a good idea to let someone manage the website, maybe do some redesign and help the project to get more visibility?
  • Would it be a good idea to start thinking about possibile ways to make the project sustainable from a financial point of view? Maybe some crowdfunding, cloud subscription system or simply a Donate button on the website?
  • Is this the only item in the roadmap at the moment? What are the goals for the next releases? I’m sorry if this question seems to be patetic or annoying, but I’d like to know what’s the plan for the future if there’s any and wheater this is not the case if it is possibile to start thinking about it and how to make it happen.

To sum everything up, we as “community” want to simply step up and start caring more about the project.
Just for saying that, I’m here to help, let’s gime something to do!



Hello everyone. Found this topic and register just to give maybe a stupid idea.

Implement OPTIONAL cryptocurrency mining to developers account when IDLE into this software to help to fund development.

This way users who more probably have nice hw equipment will be able to contribute to development and developers will be more then interested in development to attract more users.

Sorry if this idea is silly.


The aspect of contributing definitely interests me. I’m an active member of Krita’s facebook community. Krita has a grip on the community and so does blender. Natron and Inkscape could use some help.
How can I help?

  1. I can start working on the UI of Natron’s website. It does require change in my opinion.
  2. I can start/maintain/moderate a Natron community on social media.
    These are two things I am good at.