Vector motion blur


I have a render from Cinema 3D in two movie files.
One is an RGBA movie, and the other is a movie with the vector motion blur information, coded in the Red and Green channels.
Is there any way to use that to add motion blur to the RGBA file?
I don’t think there is a Vector Motion Blur node in Natron.
But, will the be one? Or is there an alternative to be able to produce the same effect?


You can try this pyplug :

It was designed to use blender motion pass, so you may need to tweak the motion pass if vectors are encoded differently.

I think a better plugin in natron was planned (with optical flow nodes) , but it was a long time ago, I guess dev’s haven’t find time to look into it.


Ah, I was hoping to use multichannel exrs rendered from Vray/Maya.
Doesn’t look like Natron is for me just yet.


hum, you can still extract the motion pass with a shuffle and plug it to the PM_VectorBlur.
You can also use commercial OFX plugins that do the same effect in a better way.


Thank you very much. I will look into it.


Hi, i new in natron. Can you teach me how install this plugin?