Shaker_PNG: PyNode Camera-Shaker effect


Hello Community,

I am happy to present to you a PyNode that was developed and programmed by Thomas Morley. The PyNode is a camera shaker effect entitled “Shaker_NPG”. You can set a start and end frame, Vertical and Horizontal translation, scaling and motion blur. Thomas Morley has created a Facebook group called Natron Programmers Group for Python programmers for Natron.

When you install this PyNode in your PyNode folder, it will appear in the nodes panel under the category NPG. There will be more to come.
Here is the link at


Can you provide some more info on how to install it? I cant find pynode folder in my Natron 2.0 installation


Copy to the ‘Plugins’ folder where Natron is installed, or use C:\Users<username>\AppData\Local\INRIA\Natron\Plugins


Ok, i got this installed, tested and i have some feedback to you as a man who’s in compositing for quite a while and also have a rich experience developing own tools.

  1. This tool is quite limited right now, since you cannot set frequency. In other words - it shaking to fast and there is no way to change it.
  2. No amplitude scale as well. What if i want to fade in and fade out effect? Right now i can achieve this by animating every parameter, but man, that would be much easier with just one slider from 0 to 1.
  3. Previous remark allow you to get rid of Start and End frame parameters. They are kinda useless now, since in most cases you want to animate amplitude factor from 0 to 1 and in reverse.
  4. And finally, just a little cosmetic touch - Parameters would look much cleaner if you’ll get rid of word Strength infront of Translate, Scale, Rotate params. It really does not make thing any clearer.

So i hope you guys wont stop in making this very promissing piece of software even better. Cheers!


This node is constant development by the Thomas who developing it. I will pass your comments Sergusster.


Thank for the plugin, very useful !!