ShaderToy plugins run black on project reload


I’ve been running into this problem with all ShaderToy (GLES/WebGL) nodes, where it works fine when initially plugged into a graph, but then on reload of a project, it renders black (or maybe not rendering at all, I suppose). There are no errors given.

However, when I delete that node and replace it with another one of the same type, it works again. Save it and reload it, and the same blackness occurs. Are there any workarounds to this?


It may be a cache issue.
Purge the cache and move to another frame.
It may solve the problem.


Unfortunately, purging the cache and moving to another frame didn’t work. This is very curious. I physically have to delete the node and add a new one for it to work. It’s not like I can remove the one that doesn’t work and replace it because that won’t work. Very strange.

I’m running it on Linux Mint 18.3, by the way. 2 x nVidia 1080 Ti’s. Proprietary drivers. If that helps.


Are you running the latest version ? (2.3.4)


Yes, I am. Nothing exotic. Just community plug-ins (PyPlugs).


Report it as a bug on Natron fit.


I’ve just submitted the bug report.