Shadertoy number of extra parameters


Does Shadertoy have a maximum of 10 extra parameters to be used ?


yes, but it could be extended per request (if there’s a good reason of course!)


Hi Frederic, thanks for answering.
I was asking the question because, as a training to learn GLSL, I started to convert some scripts that had been written for Flame.
And of course the more interesting of them (and thus the more complex) do use more than 10 user parameters.


how many would make sense?
would you contribute some of your scripts?


I already did. They are all gathered in the plug-in repository, within a
Shadertoy folder.

About the number i was wondering : have they been limited to avoid
Shadertoy node toi become “too heavy” to handle for Natron ?
Anyway i would say : i’ll tale what you’ll give me :slight_smile:


Just tell me how many you need. I don’t think 100 parameters would be usable, so just tell me how many you need.


Just to be clear: I’ll probably roll up 2.3.6 today or tomorrow, so you’d better answer quickly!


Hi Frederic.
quick answer : go on for 20 :slight_smile:


ok, will be 20 in the next snapshot (allow 2h to build)

can you please test if the current snapshot solves the PyPlug-containing-Shadertoy issue?


OK, i’ll run a test as soon as the next snapshot is available.


Hi Frédéric, it works !!!
Tested on Linux.
Will run a test on the Windows version this evening.


No problem on Windows7 x64 neither.


2.3.6 was released. there are now 20 parameters.


Hi Frédéric. Yes, I saw that. Thanks a lot.


So I’m totally new to GLSL programming and I have a newbie question. I want to use the extra parameters but I don’t know what the code looks like in the Shadertoy node. I looked at the community plugin Shadertoy folder but could find no code that used the extra parameters in them. Can some one point me to an example of how to use the extra parameters in the code?


Almost every shadertoy script uses extra parameters.
Here is an exemple :

exemple.glsl (385 Bytes)