Render output artifacts


first of all hi to all I am a new Natron user :slight_smile:
so far I love it, it’s just astounding. but I ran into a problem that i cant seem to able to fix by myself.
Whats happening is that when I render my output with the Write node the output file presents a semi transparent black block that its not present in Natron. The files are imported from Blender OpenEXR and no matter what settings i choose to export, the artifact its still present… don’t know what to do honestly since its not really coming from my nodes (or at least I think)… so any indications would be really appreciated.

I have already done a couple of Render passes compositing before using Natron and they had no problem. they were even bigger size that this one.

I work on a macbook pro with a 2giga nvidia

if someone knows something please let me know


after an hour of useless tweaking I’ve rebooted my mac for unrelated reasons and now is working :expressionless: