Recreate Nuke-gizmos in Natron


Hi everyone,
I quite recently started to look into Natron as a serious alternative to using Nuke and I have to say that I’m really impressed with the how fast the development of this software seems to be progressing!

I have a bunch of gizmos I’ve made for Nuke that I would like to recreate in Natron and for the most part it’s going fine, but for some attributes I rely on expressions to get the output resolution from different nodes.
In nuke I could achieve this by simply write “nodeName.width” or “nodeName.height” in an expression, but I haven’t been able to figure out a way to get those same values with my expressions in Natron.
Is there a way to achieve this in the current version of Natron?



Expressions in Natron are all in Python, following the same API that with we use for PyPlugs (gizmos equivalent in Natron) and the internal Python API.

You can get some documentation describing expressions over here:

In Natron the output rectangle of a given node can be retrieved with the following function:

This will return a rectangle of the following type:

You would need to enable multi-line expression from the dialog and then
you could do an expression such as:

rod = nodeName.getRegionOfDefinition(frame, 0)
ret = rod.height()


Hi, Is there any possibility to get these gizmos?
It would be very useful to have a place where all the gizmos collected for Natron such as nukepedia.
I am also very much missing the “toolset” option from Nuke. It would help me a lot to save some often used node setups and bring it in with “tab” search.

Many thanks.