Read node fails on filenames with a # in them


I found this weird behavior while importing video files from my camera. These files have a # sign in their file name (Clip If I open them with the read node I cannot read them, and the viewer displays an error with the text “cannot load frame”. Manually removing the # from the filename solves it.

Oddly enough however, the button “File info…” in the read node does display meaningful results.

Natron version 2.3.4 on Mac OS X High Sierra


That’s because of the convention in Natron that # in a filename is replaced by the frame number.
File Info should return an error, I’ll check that.


I’m pretty sure File Info gives you an error too, and you should see the filename in the viewer


Thanks for your reply. There is indeed an error popping up, although it’s rather non-descript (“cannot load frame”).


In the next version the error gives the filename too (as the viewer did)