Possible to change widget size of transform?


So I’m having a bit of a problem with Card3D and a transform. Let’s say I’m using the Card3D to track fire into a shot. I want to use a transform node before the Card3D to help place it in the shot exactly where it needs to be. The problem is that the transformations of the Card3D override the previous transform - which is a good thing, except that it also scales the transform widget up or down (depending on the shot). Is it possible to adjust the size of the transform widget somehow? When it gets scaled way down, the widget becomes unusable.


Have you tried disabling the concatenation option in the Preferences and see if that is causing the transformation linking.


Plug your viewer directly on the Transform node to get the transform overlay at the right size.

I can’t think of another reasonable solution (the widget is drawn by the transform node, which has no way of knowing how it will be transformed downstream.

In some situations, like extreme scaling, overlay/widget transforms don’t work well.


Gotcha. I’ve created a hack around where I add a second transform that’s not connected to any part of the image and link it’s values out to the actual transform, making it a parent object.