ofxsLut and LutManager changes


I am working with GenericOpenCVPlugin code,
but it uses the old LutManager and now I can’t build the code with the new ofxsLut file.
I’m modifying the code so I can work with the latest submodule updates.

I need to work with the Lut sRGB.

Earlier this was achieved by e.g:

_srgbLut( OFX::Color::LutManager::sRGBLut() ) (THIS FAILS NOW)

Now I tried it by doing :

static OFX::Color::LutManager* gLutManager;
And then:
_srgbLut( gLutManager->sRGBLut() )

now the compilation is OK, it seems to work, but the plugin crashes automatically.
don’t know how to interprate the .dmp file. I’m on Linux/Ubuntu.

with an older version of ofxsLut file it doesn’t crash.

any ideas?

crash: 635cc078-2331-0646-2ba1c71a-2104ca4a.dmp.zip (46.3 KB)


Some hints: