No binary download without account?


sorry, it may sound iterating, but FREE SOFTWARE isn’t only about open source access!

natron has chosen the GPL as it’s licensing base. regulations, that are founded on a well documented historic background and strategic decisions. richard stallman and others wrote it, to protect engaged software development against the dangers of collapse and revoked access, which they had to fight – especially on academic ground – more then once. software, that was written and improved by a wider community of interested researcher, finally became closed and commercialized by a few owners of rights again and again. the GNU project and the GPL license should help to stop this always reiterating processes of vanishing freedom of access and unforeseeable emerging restrictions. the focus on open source access should be seen just as a strategic refinement. it’s a last resort, a very powerfull general protection mechanism to keep any form of modifications open to anybody and save threatened projects if necessary – but it isn’t just a detached merit for itself – it’s freedom of use, which should be seen as the higher ranking goal:

“…placing the users first, we arrive at very different conclusions. Computer users should be free to modify programs to fit their needs, and free to share software, because helping other people is the basis of society.”

sure, the GPL would legitimate forking the natron project or establishing a redistribution mirror for binary access, but would it really help and improve anything? wouldn’t it do more harm than improvement to the project and all interested users? that’s the real question, i have to ask myself, if i want to do more, than just demonstrate power and egocentric whims.

but that’s exactly the kind of responsibility, which i’m used to demand on the other side as well!

i think, nobody is really happy about this subscription requirement!
sure, we all like the project and are willing to accept the freedom and decisions of its maintainers to a large extent, but in this particular case you simply have to ask the mentioned questions to the responsible activists on the other side.


just as a side note:

your subscription form does not include any information about privacy and the intended use of the gathered personal data.

i think, this poses a very questionable lack of information. AFAIK it’s even in france inadmissibly, to use “personal data” without explicit consent for commercial purposes (i.e. funding of natron)! but i’m not very familiar with french data protection laws. it’s better to ask CNIL.