New feature request: Multi-plane Node


After experimenting for a week, I’ve realized that there isn’t an elegant way of outputing multi-plane EXRs from within Natron. For example, taking a pipe from a Merge or other junction point in a project and specifying in a simple way that it be output to its own plane in an EXR output. The process to achieve this even partially is not only convoluted, but may endanger the flow of the project.

I, therefore, propose that a new node be created (or an additional feature in the Write node) that takes multiple inputs from any outgoing connection from within a project, does whatever organizing that needs to be done (overwriting plane labels, etc), and allows the Write node to export mutliplane EXRs easily. This is something that Blender has allowed for quite some time. It makes sense to have this functionality in Natron, too, as we create many different ‘passes’ when comping and imaging, and would like for the colourist to have all of those layers in one place, in the right order, and named properly.

This would be a tremendous feature for my studio, as I would no longer have to round-trip this functionality, anymore, when I’m doing a ‘Natron-only’ project.

Let me know your thoughts.


Hi hpetrus,
here is a PyPlug that does the job.
Have fun.


Fabrice, thank you for this solution. I was JUST writing an SeExpr node to
do just this, and you did it with an SeExpr Simple node - awesome. Can’t
thank you enough.


Ah ah yes, we had the same idea :slight_smile:


Difference being, I was taking a complete shot in the dark. I’m still
learning Natron (and loving it, actually).


You could modify the PyPlug to have like 10 entries instead of one. So you could plug all your Layers at once.


I updated the PyPlug. There are now 5 layer entries.


Grabbing it now. THANKS!