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Natron for Beginners - Intro / Overview (Really Basic #00) by Chander Ruzzi Tutorials

Natron for Beginners - Animation: Transform Node and Curve Editor (Really Basic #01) by Chander Ruzzi Tutorials
In this episode we will learn how to animate a bouncing ball with the Transform Node and how to edit its keyframes using the Curve Editor.

Basic Introduction to Natron for Digital Compositing (Part 1) by Sim Pern Chong

Natron 101: A pratical guide to node-based compositing (55 minute!) by Midge Sinnaeve - Midge’s Blog

Srujan Raghavendra review: Mr. Midge Sinnaeve has made a beautiful introductory video about Natron which addresses many principal nodes and about combining passes and about vignette in Natron. Probably, this is the best introductory video about Natron. It is definitely far more specific and far more advanced than the video by Chander Ruzzi. I highly recommend every new entrant to Natron should watch this video. it explains many basic aspects of Natron very cleary. The approach is very practical.He shows us with a practical project. Do watch it.

Chromakey Node Tutorial by Omar S Brown


(Not found yet. New links welcome)

NATRON Free Compositing Software (DEMO - BREAKDOWN) + Blender
by Chander Ruzzi Tutorials

Space Moba by Paul Geraskin

made with Blender and Natron

“Ayo Coba Ubuntu” (Let’s Try Ubuntu)
2D Animation using Natron, combined with Inkscape & Lightworks by Muhammad Irfan
Finish result :
Tutorial (Indonesian) :

Alien Worlds Exploration Agency (Draft)
Short movie created primarily using open source programs, namely Blender 3D, Cycles Renderer, Makehuman, Natron and Inkscape by Sim Pern Chong

Some working screenshots:

Recorded Natron working screenshot
by Daniel Uriola

Hybrid Skin Shader (Blender / Natron)
By François Grassard

Natron RotoShapes Node demonstration by Alessandro Dalla Fontana

Simulating Glow effects inside Natron

Natron - Point Tracker Node by Enrique Barranco

Sky removal breakdown by Abhimanyu Tanwar

Natron SIGGRAPH 2014 Teaser video

Simple Compositing Tests
Graves of The Damned Title
by Omar Brown
Final result :
Natron workflow:

Compositing test with Natron (3D with Blender)
by Prégardien Pierre

“Bandung Today” - Fictional video show intro
Basic Compositing Test creating White Vignette
Following Chander Ruzzi’s Pretty Basic tutorial, by Setiawan Kartawidjaja

Kuntal Majumder’s first video, combination of Blender/Natron/Lightworks

Visual FX test
Made with Blender, composited with Natron, and sequenced with KDEnlive
by Kuntal Majumber

Merge node tips

Keying Tips, Keyer, Keyer Node info from Nuke

Curve Editor in Natron

HVTool Node Tips

Green/Blue Screen shooting tips

Framing tips

image-info EXIF-Data reader

Encoding tips
FFmpeg Prores Encoder

Prores 4444 output using FFmpeg

Encore VFX FFmpeg

Natron’s forum

Quick Sheet of Nodes Tools in Natron

Tracking markers for prints

Alternate to tracking markers

The Effects of Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO On Images

Recommended list of books about node base digital compositing

Nuke User Guides (GUI of both applications are similar, so Nuke user guide can help)

Nice Green Screen & Tracking plates for playing around…

Omar Brown’s blog : Dreaming of rivers
Blog info about Natron and other related videography applications

Natron main website

Natron Public Forums at Google Groups!forum/natron-vfx

Natron Inria Youtube Channel

Alexandre Gauthier talks at LGM2014 about Natron, video compositing software project


Alexandre Gauthier talks at Open World Forum (French)

Article: Natron v1.00: Digital Compositor by Omar S. Brown

Article: Natron: Stereoscopic Open Source Compositor by Jeff Boller

Reporting issue to Natron

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Setiawan Kartawidjaja
Omar Brown: Let’s make a list of links to tutorial site or youtube video, wherever they are.
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Pierre Schiller
Cool Idea!!
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Setiawan Kartawidjaja
Yes, this is the only way to collect whole tutorials as they were scattered everywhere. For those who knows new links (or you create your own) and would like to add, just edit it.
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Omar Brown
This is a great idea once more experience users get on board.
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Setiawan Kartawidjaja
This is so far I can do for now…
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Muhammad Irfan
Wow, very nice …
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Omar Brown
Setiawan Kartawidjaja you have a lot of time on your hands Dude. Theres links that I have uploaded and forgotten about.
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Srujan Raghavendra
Good effort Setiawan Kartawidjaja. It will be very helpful for newbies
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Setiawan Kartawidjaja
Just added Natron’s forum link in ‘Other Useful Links’ section
Probably there’s a new tutorial or article etc that I’ve missed or not yet added… I’ve been a bit busy on my own as I didn’t follow the activity here… Apologize.
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Rod LongDesigner
Dude, you HAVE been busy…good job!
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Setiawan Kartawidjaja
Thanks Rod LongDesigner. - Still, Natron as one of Node-based compositing is a nice tool, but I haven’t have a chance to do deeper experiment or have a ‘case’ where I need this app. I will keep following this page though I’m less-active right now, but anyone can edit this (I have backup save of this document) and contribute any useful information to community.
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