Installing Natron on linux mint 18


Hi, I just dowloaded the linux installer for Natron, ran it and it installed Natron on my Linux mint. but now I am searching the software list on the menu, Natron doesn’t appear. How do I install the icon on the work bar? also: how do I configure the icon (to launch) the application? right now I only see the software folder on my user and I don’t know how to launch it (run it). Please help. Thanks


double cliking on the Natron file inside natron folder should run natron…
if not you can open a terminal and do “cd /home/user/Natron” or whatever and do “./Natron” to lauch the application.
I think Natron doesn’t appear in the menu because linux is a bit different than the other OS. it as many windows manager and it’s not straigtforward to have a solution that work for every linux desktop.

But you can look into .desktop extensions to make an icon on the desktop that will lauch Natron automatically.
Or if you are more a “terminal people”, you can make an alias that will run natron everytime you type natron in a terminal.

at least it’s an easy issue to solve…


thanks. will create a path on desktop to “launch”.