How to do single point motion tracking?


Hello guys!
I am a new to Natron, I’m working on a short film, and in one shot I need to do eye replacement effect, in After effects it’s quit easy, but here in Natron I tracked the eye but I couldn’t make the object follow it.


Check out this tutorial, specifically the tracking. Should get you going with the transform you’ll have to export to use the tracking data (tracking portion starts around 4:45)


Thank you so much for that, I’ll try it, hope it works! I also want to know
where can I find Natron tutorials, because I checked Youtube but there is
not that much of good tutorials :confused: Thanks in advance!

2018-02-13 17:17 GMT+01:00 Mohamed Rafik / محمد رفيق <>:


As long as it’s not about particles or 3D, most Nuke tutorials can be extremely helpful.


Here on the forum are some tutorials. I think someone even made a youtube playlist with tuts.

Here are some very good tutorials from a professional.

And of course Mantissa has some very good ones.
Natron 101 and Blender Passes in Natron


Thank you guys so much for your help!