How to adjust AppendClip linear video sequence


Hello, I’m trying to make a sequence of two different videos with AppendClip. I have two rush from 200 frame each but the AppendClip when I update to put the last frame at 400 it stay at 200 and I can’t add the second rush.
Thanks in advance.


Hum, have you tried the timeoffset node to offset you 2nd rush of 200 images then it should range from 200 to 400 …


It works but unfortunately the time is black before the last frame. It’s Grey from 1 to 273 frame and after black but it work. Thank you a lot. I will work on the black party now.
Thank you.


you can use a dissolve node instead of the append clip , if you haven’t many clips to concatenate…
It will act as a crossfade so no more black frame… But that’s a workaround, there must be a solution to do it the proper way.


Ok I’ll check that in the future. Now I have to learn how it works and it’s a huge step. I will find some trick I had with Blender. Time to try, test and learn. For now I think the issue is solved. When I’ll find how put that solved.
Thank You again.