Creating batch file (for use in Windows Context Menu)


Hi everyone, after learning how Natron Groups works and how to export them as scripts I became curious if it’s possible to do automation processes through Natron directly from the Windows Context Menu (right clicking in Windows Explorer). I have customized the context menu in Windows Explorer to open selected files with specific programs for example, so that part I know. However, I cannot figure out how to properly build a batch file to run the specific group/python script on the selected file.

To explain more specifically:

Let’s say I have a script with a setup that does something I regularly do.
Rather than opening up Natron and load my group/python script, I wish to simply be able to right click on an image or image sequence in Windows Explorer and let NatronRenderer process the sequence with the script.

I already know how to add custom things to the Explorer context menu, but I need help with how to the command line passed to NatronRenderer should look like. Tried to read the manual but couldn’t figure it out… :sweat_smile:

Grateful for any help.


Hi bret_karson.
Natron can be run in command line. It’s called Natron render.

Doc :

I guess you could make a Windows .bat script that runs Natron Render with arguments ( your sequence, script to load ).


Thank you, but I need slight help with the syntax. I read that document earlier and thought I could figure out on my own how to properly send the command, but I simply failed :joy:

So if I have a python script in a folder, and an input sequence in another, and want to output to a specific folder, what does the syntax looks like?

When I read “-i MyReader” in the manual I don’t understand exactly what this refers to. I presume some kind of script that reads a file or a sequence. Do I need to define a reader script of my own? Or is that just one way to do it? If needed, how do I create it and where do I put it?


Yes, you have to know Python.
I had a look at the doc, it seems quite easy to do.